Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Shaman Chapter 56 ψ`ー´)ノ

▶ Here's the Chapter ◀

Lol did I actually make it for once ~gao!? Anyway, last chapter of the arc, I'm half done with the Q&A so it'll come later today or... whenever. Anyway, Shaman is going in another month or two long hiatus while I gather up chapters. I can't do weekly ok? I won't do it!

All that said, I guess this series is gaining in popularity too, we've gone 2100 reading lists on NU and it's climbing. At one point I thought it'd stay around 2k lol *sweats*. I haven't read the raws for this in a while, probably 15 chapters behind by now... Raws are at ch98 as of writing this btw. So we're a bit over 50%!

Wonder how long this series will go... KnM is over 600 chapters in raws already. So we can maybe anticipate this to be a long running series too. I wonder if I can stick to it that long? We'll it's a matter of fate, if I can't, I hope somebody takes over. I'll be sure to make it clear if I'm planning to ditch it.

Finally, here's a vague spoiler for the next arc. It doesn't end well for Kotarou. Well then, thanks for reading~